Kalarippaayattu is probably the most ancient martial art, found in Kerala State, India.
Kalarippayattu develops swiftness and concentration and leads to rightness of action.

There are five stages in Kalarippayattu's northern style. The first three cover extensive body fitness training, stick training and weapon training. The fourth gets into bare-hand training, and only those who have thoroughly studied and practiced the previous stages will be taught this 4th lesson, since it is the most secret part of the Kalarippayattu training. A student must be very obedient, trustworthy, good-tempered and master of himself to move to this stage.

The art is paracticed in a  'Kalari' (gymnasium, dojo), which has traditional measurements of 42 feet long by 21 feet wide. It must be built in the direction from East to West, with the entrance from the East. The prayer-place, consisting of 7 steps, is in the southwest corner. Before starting the classes, every student is required to bow and pray.

There are many Kalaris in Kannur. Most of masters (eg: late chirakkal Sridharan Nair, late CV Narayanan Nair - the founder of CVN kalari) of this art is from Kannur district. 

Kalrippayatt has developed it own derivative of ayurvedic traetment and massage to such an extent that is 'the treatment' for injuries. Traditionally every practitioner go through the Kalari massge every year.
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Kalarippayattu (the martial art of Kerala)
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